Evolved Lash Lift Kit 


The next generation in lash lifting is here!

We have taken the standard in lash lifting supplies and upgraded them to a new standard. After years of refining our procedures  we have formulated a kit to match. The Evolved Elleebana Lash Lifting Kit is for the professional lash lifter. We have refined our kit to  include everything you need without the excess. Included in the kit:

15 lift solutions

15 setting solutions

1 Elleeplex Clear Nourishing Solution

1 Pair of small, medium, large and X large rods

1 Lash Lift Adhesive

1 Lash Lift Isolator Tool

5 sets of eyelash pads

1 Belma 30ml makeup remover 

1 Application Brush


NEW - Elleebana Evolved Lash Lift Kit – 15 uses